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Hey guys, how'd you find Paper 2 today?

I found it rlly good tbh - the first inspector calls question was easy, the poem was meh, BUT UNSEEN POETRY WAS THE BEST

Also does this sound alright (what I wrote roughly per paragraph)?

Inspector calls - How far is Mrs Birling presented by Priestley as unlikeable (Well something like that)

Introduction - to a large extent, yes because of her juxtaposing with other characters however she can be shown to show some remose

P1 - Juxtaposition with the Inspector (mentioning how they're metaphors for socialism and capitalism) and why Priestley does this (I mentioned war in there and the Inspector's "fire, blood and anguish" quote - how justice prevails, etc)

P2 - Reaction to Gerald's affair - I talked about the contrast between "a rather cold woman"'s pejorative tone regarding the affair and the two men's reactions - link back to gender roles and how it makes her seem a bit more likeable

P3 - Juxtaposition with Sheila:
how Sheila changes a lot (mentions of capitalist to socialist) and this would've contrasted with Mrs Birling's lack of change - link back to the theme of young and old - I think I also talked about how Sheila's her foil? And how one would've regarded Mrs Birling as callous in comparison

I think I covered most things? Like what Priestley uses and why he does, relevant context and good quotes

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