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hi so i'm starting to really worry about sociology.
last year i got an A, but that's only because the questions i believe were easy and it was the things i revised for most, so i just class it as luck.
anyway, so i am worried about a level exams because i don't feel as confident. i am doing family & households, education, crime & deviance, beliefs in society & theory and methods.

my way of revision is reading it so i understand it, then practically learning everything so i know what each sociologist said etc & so i just know everything off by heart sort of.
anyway, so there are 2 topics in crime that i don't know well- globalisation (state crime & green crime) and control which are all 10 pages long each. i'm worried that it will come up as a 30 marker and as i don't understand it well i want to spend time on it so i understand it.
i've planned out a revision timetable and i've estimated that it will take me 3 days to learn all of one topic e.g. control.
near the time of the exams i've also planned out to do a whole day of one unit e.g. on the 13th june i'll do a whole day on families & 14th a whole day on beliefs so i'm ready for the exam the next day.
does this sound ok?
i'm going to wake up at 7am each day so i can revise earlier. i feel like there isn't enough time in a day to do everything.
how is everyone else revising?

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