Which university has better theatre/performing arts societies?

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Hello TSR,

I'm planning to study BA French ane Drama. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which universities (out of Royal Holloway and Warwick), in their opinion, has better drama and theatre societies for students? Royal Holloway ranks higher in the QS world rankings for performing arts, but ranks lower than warwick in another UK focused ranking that I looked at.

Something that I am confused by, is that apparantly Royal Holloway has a drama society just for drama students funded by the drama department, but I couldn't find it on their societies website. I just found a drama society that I think is open to everyone. What's the department funded drama society like at Royal Holloway?

Could people tell me, if they can, the pros and cons of the performing arts (specifically the drama/theatre) societies at both unis? Could you also tell me which university gets more visits/workshops from well-known/famous practitioners/theatre groups?

Thank you for your time. Have a lovely week!

PS. I realise that answers might be slightly biased, and that people might not know much about Royal Holloway as I posted this in Warwick forum, but any answers or knowledge will be most welcome.

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