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    Having flicked through the numerous threads regarding AS and A2 Level grades over the past few days, (Congratulations to everyone btw!) a part of me still can't help but wonder just how grade-obsessed we've all become, to the point where a passion for grades seems more important than our interest for the subject in which we obtained that grade.Obviously, I understand that for the purposes of UCAS etc., it is important to achieve high grades in order to study your chosen pursuit at degree level.However, it does upset me slightly to discover that a lot of people, when noting their results down, are doing so as following:
    GRADE MARK PREDICTION....then at long last, as if it was insignificant in comparison.....SUBJECT.
    Furthermore, it seems as though we are actually getting rather uptight with one another-if one of us obtains a higher mark than the other,we are suddenly on the warpath and in doing so forget the people who genuinely need support.
    I understand the rewarding implications of getting high grades, but this must not replace our appreciation for our chosen subjects. This is my viewpoint, and I do not intend to put down anyone who got high grades,nor undermine the rewards of these, but simply to ask the question, Is our hunger for grades overtaking all other aspects of A-Level study, in a bid to become 'the best ever' in our field, or is knowledge,interest and flair for a subject still as important as how you are assessed in it?
    I am certain that I have missed out a number of viewpoints, in which case, it is not that I have disregarded them or done this intentionally...just that I am very tired right now, but feel that this point must be made as I fear that the degree of competitiveness amongst members is only going to worsen when GCSE results are published, and so it is our duty to protect the next generation from the wrath of A-Level over-competitiveness.
    Does the subject matter as much to you personally as the grade?
    Can one suceed without interest?
    Are interest and success at a subject co-related?
    I would appreciate feedback on this topic.
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