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how respected is law at warwick?

I know it has a good reputation and demands AAA at A level, but in reality how likely are you to gain employment in the legal profession as a barrister or solicitor with a degree from warwick (assuming you have obtained a good degree classification) ? I know this might sound silly on a warwick uni board, but can anybody give me an impartial (ish) answer?
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well my cousin graduated from Warwick with a degree in law and now she's a barrister and very happy and in demand! :tongue:

don't worry so much about *reputation*, you can't measure it.... its a totally subjective concept, although it is true that subjectively speaking (!) most people would agree that you can't go far wrong with a law degree from Warwick.

But no matter what the reputation of a place is like if you're a boring, unoriginal, far too hard-working (!) person without any sparkle you're unlikely to find a job whatever university you've gone to and whatever amazing A-level results you've just got!!

So in answer to your question, Warwick = very respected, but so are a lot of other places, and don't worry about that subjective thing called *reputation* too much.
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
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Well Warwicks law school is well respected. Of course like any other University you need to acquire good results, otherwise no matter what the reputation of your university won't be able to help you. This might be helpful it was posted by lawgrad in the law section in a thread entitled 'Top 20 Universities for law a definitive list';

'The newspaper league tables are not very accurate at all with regards to the top unis for law. The most important perception is that held by the leading law firms in the country. Through interviews with most of the UK's leading law firms (and getting job offers from all of them), I can quite confidently say that a list of the top unis in England and Wales (i.e. the only ones that top firms actively recruit from) are as follows:

University College London
London School of Economics
King's College London

Of course, the individual rankings above are arguable, but generally these eleven traditional unis are quite recognised by the leading law firms and most legal academics to be the best unis for law. And seriously, their opinions are the only ones that count! I daresay if you go to any top law firm, and ask for a list of the lawyers who graduated from these eleven unis, they will make up at very least 80-90% of the lawyers in that firm.'

Why are you asking by the way?
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thanks, that was the kind of answer i was after i guess. I'm asking because i had been looking at warwick's law school for some time, and having just received my AS level grades i am now seriously considering applying. I know that it has a stellar reputation, i just wanted to find out more specifically about the law school. I think i will apply, although i have absolutely shit-all to put on the personal statement about why i want to study law :eek: . Suppose it will be another exercise in bullshitting, combined with the hope that my AS grades will carry me through.
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Well I'm off to Warwick to study European Law, so feel free to ask me for any help.
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me too I'm going to study European Law (French). you?
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Haven't decided yet, lol. I speak both french, and german so I was considering the 6 months in germany, and the 6 months in france but Im not certain.