Can you mark this? Explain the consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis

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Explain the consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis (8 Marks)

There were many consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis for both the leaders of the USA and Soviets.

The first consequence was a Hotline being set up between USA and Russia. This hotline meant that direct contact could be made in any type of severe crisis so that there was no lack of communication. This meant that the risk of miscommunication causing destruction was minimised. It affected both leaders of the two nations because the hotline was set up in both countries. This consequence was not that great however, because there were many other consequences which had a much greater impact.

A second, short term consequence was that the USA removed their missiles from Turkey secretly and Khrushchev removed his missiles from Cuba publicly. This caused many people to view Khrushchev as the one who backed down from the USA. As a result, USA looked strong and Khrushchev looked weak. This was a big consequence because it made it seem as though capitalism had won over communism, making the USA come out of the Cold War victorious. It was also very widespread because it showed this to the whole world.

The final short term consequence was that neither leader was allowed to test their nuclear missiles on the ground, in the air or, in space. This meant that nuclear development would have slowed significantly, preventing the production of more destructive weapons. However, the intention of this consequence did not work out properly as it still meant that missiles could be tested underground and, by 1961, Khrushchev had still managed to develop enough missiles to be able to catch up with the USA’s nuclear capabilities. Therefore, this consequence was not that important or effective.

In conclusion, I think that a combination of these consequences led to a more peaceful understanding with the two leaders. The Crisis had shown to them how close they were to destroying the world and, both leaders recognised this and, decided to back down, putting the world to peace.
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good essay but in the exam they want 2 consequences for my exam board.the question is worth 8 marks

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