Can you mark this? Explain why there was a crisis over Cuba in 1962 (10 Marks)

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Use the source, and your own knowledge to explain why there was a crisis over Cuba in 1962 (10 Marks)
There was a source but, I couldn't get it on here. The references to the source a simple and can be easily inferred. Don't worry.

There are a variety of reasons for why there was a Crisis in Cuba in 1962.

The first reason is the Cuban revolution. Fidel Castro led a Communist revolution, overtaking Cuba from American influence. He banned American shops etc. President Eisenhower was not happy about this and as a result, decided to stop trading with Cuba in order to damage their economy and send a message saying not to cross America.This meant that the Cuban economy was now very weak and needed to be stabilised again. Therefore, Castro turned to Khrushchev to ask for help. Khrushchev agreed and an alliance was formed. This caused great tension between the USA, Cuba and, Russia because Cuba was in the USA’s ‘sphere of influence’.

Due to the heightened tensions, and the alliance formed with Khrushchev and Castro meant that President Kennedy wanted to end communism in Cuba. This is because he was scared that if he allowed it to carry on, the communism would spread to other countries near America and damage their ideologies. This led to the Bay of Pigs invasion; Kennedy sent many Cuban rebels to try and overtake Cuba without having any American influence. The invasion failed drastically and, Castro won, making him look like a national hero. However, Castro was scared of another invasion and turned to Khrushchev for help once again. Despite the fact that America had not direct involvement in the invasion, Khrushchev still suspected that the Americans had “plans for Cuba”. He suspected that they were the ones behind the invasion and so, took it as a direct threat against communism. Consequently, Khrushchev agreed to help Castro and provided him with Nuclear missiles to defend himself. Khrushchev was eager to give Castro his missiles because it meant that he would have missiles in range of the USA, something that Khrushchev didn't already have. Before placing the missiles in Cuba, Khrushchev was at a huge disadvantage against the USA since the USA had “missiles in Turkey” which were well in range of the USSR. Perhaps this is the most important reason in why there was a crisis in Cuba because, if the USA didn't pose a nuclear threat to Russia then there would be no need for missiles to be placed in Cuba; It was the missiles being placed in Cuba that led to extremely high tensions between the USA and USSR (Cuban Missile Crisis).

In conclusion, I think that a combination of these events led to the Crisis because they come together to form progressively increasing tensions between the two nations, USSR and USA. For example, if there was no uprising in Cuba then there would have been nothing to give Khrushchev a reason to place missiles on Cuba for but, if the USA hadn't placed missiles in “Turkey” then there would have been no reason for missiles to be put on Cuba in the first place.

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