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Starting a thread so that people can discuss their answers to this years first AS politics exam. Only have the voting behaviour & electoral systems questions but feel free to add others!
Voting behaviour=
-Define the term 'safe seat' (5)
-Explain why turnout varies between constituencies at general elections (10)
-'Voting behaviour is determined by the personality of the people running rather than their policies.' Discuss (25)

Electoral systems=
-Define 'representative democracy' (5)
-Identify & explain two reasons why they chose to hold the Brexit referendum (10)
-'Referendums in the UK since 1975 have done little to enhance democracy.' Discuss (25)

Not exact wording but you get the idea. Also any predictions for the June 8 exam would be useful!
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Wrote a lot about party leaders for the voting behaviour 25 marker... Mentioned 2010 TV debate, May refusing to do TV debate, Conservative manifesto dementia tax. Argued that whilst policies are still very important, personality of those seeking office has increased in importance.

Referendum 25 marker I spoke about how referendum for devolution had given more opportunities for Welsh and Scottish ministers to make decisions affecting their constituents but that it has lead to WLQ and that Westminster still had reserved powers. Therefore it has enhanced democracy to some extent. Also used turnout stats to note how people are given the power to make decisions (e.g. Brexit) and therefore it has enhanced democracy.

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