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Hi guys
This thread is specifically aimed at AS OCR Biology A students however, all biology students are welcome, as I'm sure it will help in all aspects of biology. What are your predictions for the Depth in Biology exam tomorrow? Any tips or exam technique tricks? I have an 80 minute lesson before lunch and the exam's at 2:00 tomorrow so hopefully, I'll be fine. Good luck guys. Here are the things my teacher thinks will come up (pls comment with the ones you think will come up): Biomolecules (again), practicals (maybe design one/list equipment needed for one), calculations (more), Communicable Diseases and cell division. What do you guys think? How are you feeling for tomorrow? What revision are you going to be doing for the rest of today and tomorrow before the exam? I have from 8:45-11:45 to revise for it but I'm so over it now. It's my last exam. Can't wait to have it over. I'm going shopping in Westfield on Thursday and I'm going out for lunch with my Dad on Friday. I've also got the Capital Summer Time Ball to look forward to and a camp in Chicago and Wisconsin (first time at Summer camp- excited). Can't wait! Anyway, just wanted to set up this thread as I haven't been able to find one specifically for this exam yet. Feel free to use this as a place to discuss anything about the OCR biology Depth in Biology exam.

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