Blairites and how they will vote...?

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We're told the 'struggle' of the last few years was all about competence and electability of Labour, not making sure the same 'centrist'(resent this term as it implies a perspective, moderation and sanity that is overly flattering) politics were in place, it was in fact about the only truly serious people who wanted us to be in so we could make a real difference in contrast what the Tories would do for people lives.

So I'm presuming now we are so close to the election, and Labour are doing so much better, of course these people's primary concern will be trying to get elected and keep the Tories out won't it? It will be the nurses living off foodbanks working their arses off in a decimated NHS, for example, while the Tories parrot more vapid platitudes for the gullible about their great reverence for NHS workers. As these Labour 'centrists' are about a vaunted social conscience, and being elected to make a difference, they will vote Labour and try and help, right?

Only, err....No. As was not hard to predict, the 2 years of constant attacks, along with their mates the Tories, to try and drive the left of the Labour party into oblivion(which actually is way less left than the mad media says- corporation tax 6% lower than Thatcher, Yup that's Marxism...please grown a brain, Britain..)all of course, purely based on concern for the poor and 'electability', the likes of McTernan still ***** and insult the Labour manifesto, trying to destroy the chances of the likes of Angela Raynor who has praised Blair and is doing her bit, loyal to Corbyn, showing she cares about something wider. The ones who do show support only do it on the basis of wanting to win their own constituency, whilst believing the fallacy that the votes definitely want more of the same on the economy and all love the EU, Burnham, who I thought was pretty decent over the Hillsborough stuff, could have shown more support but the leadership got zilch from him.

These people have vehemently attacked the left of Labour with a weird, pathological, insincerely contrived rage for about 2 years, along with Tory liars and slime merchants like Cameron and Soubry. They make pathetic appeals to curtain twitching, middle England mailite/jingoistic crap about Sinn Fein(all of this whilst the Tories are in bed with the house of Saud, a cancer spreading extremism including in our own country, about which they say nothing), because even though they would loathe such people on immigration and surrounding issues, they don't care who their fellow travellers are in destroying something that so deeply offends them, which seems to be a rejection of economic consensus, regional and class divides, and the whole exhausted 'trickle down', inequality must go up indefinitely for people to get better off, crap, worst of all the vast regional divide and funding unfairness between the SE, London and the North. I guess they really are pretty much Thatcherite and middle England, besides some paying an anomalous lip service to differences on mass immigration(which is only there for coporates and the tinpot wages they wish to pay). Or maybe it's simpler than that and they are simply weathervanes looking for power, path of least resistance people involved more in their own advancement.

It's good to see that young upcoming people can see through don't care a toss for these pathetic smear politics, the print media is dying and these are the death throes of the jingoistic middle England, ignorant backward fools living in their post imperial, Thatcher/Murdoch inspired haze.

Now we are supposed to belief that after the continual on-same-page connivance with vile Tory smears appealing to the worst of prurient, hypocritical little England moralizing, pandering to the historical illiteracy, bigotry, self-satisfied incuriosity and the rejection of anything progressive that England does so well, alongside the huge emotional investment in proving the anti-patriotic subversion agenda, in lieu of the obvious facts about the practices and ties of the Tories and the people they represent, on which they expend no anger or energy whatsoever, that actually those of us who think it might be something to do with their allegiance or policy sympathies are all trivial and silly.

Liars, they have shown what they stand for with a few notable exceptions.
Many of them who don't have personal self advancement on the table here, will show that their own narcissism, dogma and vanity and need to prove themselves right, obviously, will come above all the nebulous, lost in the mists, supposed anti-Tory, 'centrist' causes they are for now, or indeed the millions being ripped off and living abject lives right now. I have no more time for being manipulated and lied to by their blatantly hypocritical, self-serving, arrogant crap.

Jesus, I really wonder what Tony Benn thought of his son. From Tony to Hillary in one generation seems to be a pretty good analogy for all that has happened to our politics.

Listen to this crap from the FT, a likely candidate-
'Some will say that Hilary’s speech would have left his dad turning in his grave. I disagree. Tony Benn liked to cite the Salvation Army hymn, “Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone”. Their views diverged but he would have been incredibly proud. Until 9.45pm on Wednesday, Benn senior eclipsed his son. For all the uncanny physical and vocal similarities, Hilary seemed to lack his dad’s flair, his charisma and his mesmerising oratory. While Tony terrorised the party with flamboyant abandon, the words used to describe Hilary were solid, centrist and serious.'

Laughable to suggest is a 'stand alone', and as if such institutions second-guessing and appropriating Tony Benn to laud his politics is credible.

Love the emboldened bit best, so smug, such crap, politics for the few spoken by people inhabiting another planet, conveying the fake token respect the centrists always pay to the real causes. Gravy trainers the lot of them.

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