WJEC/GCSE Language Paper 1, Section A Question Structure HELP! Watch

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So I've got a revision booklet in front of me with example questions and am wondering how to structure my answers so if you guys could check what I would do and give me some of your ideas please

Question 1: List five things you learn about [character] (5)
Answer: At least 5 bullet points
Question 2: How does the writer show you the relationship between [character and character] (5)
Answer: The writer shows the relationship as [strong]. This [quote] supports my answer. The word [quote] [emphasizes] [strong]. (x5)
Question 3: How does the writer show [character] thoughts and feelings (10)
Answer: The writer shows the thoughts and feelings as [confused]. This [quote] supports my answer. The word [quote] [exaggerates] [confused]. The reader would feel [sympathy] for the [character] because [reason]. (x5)
Question 4: What impressions do you get of [character] (10)
Answer: An impression I get about [character] is [big-headed]. This [quote] supports my answer. The word [quote] [emphasizes] [big-headed]. (x8)
Question 5: Evaluate the way the relationship is presented (10)
Answer: At the start/middle/end the relationship is [good]. This [quote] supports my answer. The word [quote] [emphasizes] [good]. (x8)

Using this structure would you say it's a good basis for the answer. By the way I'm only looking to pass this exam I don't want any top grades

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