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PLEASE PLEASE HELP! Essay on Spies and All my Sons

Hi All,

I am studying 3 A Levels via distance learning and am REALLY struggling with this question:
To what extent can it be argued that the two texts you have studied are characterised by moral dilemma?’

I have to use Spies and All my sons, both of which I hate! I know the moral dilemma in spies is that of whether its morally correct to spy on Keiths mother but that doesn't seem to give me enough material for an essay?

In All my sons it will obviously be the supplying of faulty parts on planes used in the war, in order for the Kellers to keep their business afloat but I'm struggling how to put these points into an essay?

please could anyone offer any pointers? On the intro, content, anything at all! Theres barely any material online and I'm very stuck!

Thank you so much
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You can begin by saying:

I'd start with a paragraph saying the issue of moral dilemma is evident in both texts and I'd briefly explain/introduce the issues.

Some issues (All My Sons): selling the plane parts, the relationship between the girl and the brother of her dead finace (can't remember names!) as well as it being at the expense of Mrs Keller's discomfort and Mr Keller's lies and deceit and Mrs Keller hiding the truth from her children etc.

I'm not really sure about Spies as I only read the book and didn't study it.

It is very important that you COMPARE the texts. So your paragraphs should be based on the similarities/differences between the moral dilemmas in each text.

Hope that helps as I did the iGCSE last year and have forgotten a lot of things :smile:

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That's really helpful thank you so much! I thought I had posted in the wrong place when I wasn't getting any replies!!
So what would you say are the similarities/differences within the two texts?

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