My insurance policy was cancelled, what can I do now? Watch

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(Original post by Jeffj1973)
My son never even drove his car as morethan cancelled his insurance before they even fitted his box because of the car had none standards alloys on . So it was modified . Now his insurance cancelled . They won't insure him and it's. On data base . For no fault ..of his own . He's a 20 yr old just left school . Not a car mechanic . Surely it's pesocution to youngster . Ruined his insurance for a small clerical error buy not knowing what standard. Alloys on a good look alike . Terrible of morethan to do that . The car haven't even been driven
No, it's not terrible. Your son should have done his due diligence to ensure the information he gave to the insurer was correct.

Would you rather have him got into a serious crash and the insurer refuse to pay out, leaving your son potentially liable for several hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages that he would be paying off for the rest of his life?

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