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Does anyone have any idea about the quality of the course?

Are the clinical rotations intensive enough to prepare us for PACES? (the clinical exam of MRCP)

Do we get individual letters for each 10-week rotation we finish? I am honestly more interested in becoming acquainted with the health-care system and obtaining the MRCP diploma by the end of the course, hoping it helps me to pave a career path in the UK. The MD itself isn't that important to me as long as I become more confident as a physician through proper clinical training.

Does anyone know anyone who's currently in the program? I would love to get in touch and get some answers.

I tracked down every student who's mentioned on their website to ask them about the course but only one replied to me and he gave extremely negative feedback which put me off.

But I don't want to take one person's word for it, maybe he was lazy and didn't work hard, who knows.

... I'd love to hear more from more students. It's a very expensive program and I want to make a wise decision.
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HiI am joining in November 2017Did you manage to find out about the quality of the course from past students

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