A-level concepts of law law and morality and judicial creativity

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Hello! I am studying a-level law and my exam for law 04 is in a weeks time and I am stuck on the concepts of law questions on law and morality and judicial creativity. I was wondering whether anybody has any helpful revision notes or essays I could use! I hope you can help, thank-you
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Hey so am i hahaha, i hope someone else answers this! I just did a bit on morality and i still dont really get it but what im going to do is:
Introduction (explain law and morality and how morality is legally binding etc and morals are subjective) - with the quotes from salmond, harris and durkheim

Paragraph 1 im doing chunks so the 1st part of how they are created/origins, the second on how they are enforced, the third on how they change (e.g commencement orders for law and slowly over time for morals). - Keep contrasting! (examples for each too)

paragraph 2 im talking about how law and morality coincide and how law influences morality and vice versa- give examples for each (e.g 10 commandments or race relations act 1965).

Paragraph 3 im going into the hart v devlin debate and using bull v preddy as an example

then concluded about what the question asks and use the wording they use. Give a summary

this isnt very helpful and if anyone else reads this tell me what else i need!! Sorry i dont know about judicial creativity! only did fault and justice

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