GCSE Geography A: June 6th Question Paper 2 Natural Environment Watch

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Very vague, although the marks and questions should be accurate.

Part 1: Coastal Landscapes

Outline differences between coastline X and Y using figure 1. (2)
Explain the formation of beaches of that in figure Z. (3)
Coastal management case study question (4)
Using the table above, explain why the rate of erosion differs in these two places. (6)

Part 2: River Landscapes

Name the feature annotated on the figure. (1)
Explain processes acting upon a meander like that in grid figure xxxx (4)
Using a diagram, explain the formation of a levee. (4)
Effects of flooding on people and environment case study. (6)

Part 3: Tectonic Hazards

Define the term "earthquake focus". (2)
Explain the meaning behind this cartoon. (3)
Explain what other land-forms are found on destructive plate margins aside from volcanoes. (4)
For a volcanic eruption or earthquake you've studied, explain the causes and effects it has on the people and environment. (6)

Part 4: A Wasteful World

Explain reasons for changes in figure X. (4)
How does wealth and income influence energy consumption/wastage? (4)
Define the term "throwaway society" (2)
Local recycling case study question. (4)
Explain different attitudes to the exploitation of a non-renewable energy source of your choice. (6)

I didn't do a watery world, apologies.

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