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Ok so I did paper 2 (governing the U.K.) and I chose the 40 mark question (3) as "the cabinet is the most important limitation on primeminister power) however I now realise I have messed up a lot, despite finding every question very straight forward I think I have answered this wrong. Could someone tell me if what I have wrote about would gain me any marks

For cabinet most important
Cabinet resignations-damages PM makes them look weak ect....

Cabinet can overthrow the PM e.g. Thatcher

And patronage is undermined by needing a balance of ideologies and representing women minorities ect...

However I think I've messed up on my against as I've bassicaly said why the Cabinet is not important and not why it's not the MOST important. Would any of these get me marks

PM has patronage which means ministers are aware that the PM had thier careers in his hands and are less likely to challenge

PM is party leader and thus has authroity and a mandate which reduces cabinet backlash

And the less and less cabinet meetings mean minsters have less time to get there ideas across

I'm not sure if I've messed it up by not mentioning why the Cabinet isn't the *most* important. Any help would be appreciated.
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Yes I did the same paper today and I mentioned similar things to you about how the cabinet mus grant popular consent on controversial issues e.g Iraq, they may resign if feeling ignored e.g Ian Duncan smith which means valuable expertise may be lost, the fact they can over turn a prime minister writhin the cabinet and challenge authority and a prime ministers preferred policy.

However I then said how the media, parliamentary majority, personality and events outside of their control are more effective limits on the pm's power.

If anyone did the first section on parliament please say what you put because I'm unsure about the ten and twenty five marker? And if anyone got anything different for the 40 marker on the pm and her cabinet because I might have got this wrong.

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