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Hey guys, I've been accepted from SOAS and Sussex Uni to study a MSc in Development Studies. Now, dilemma: what should I choose in terms of:
-int'l reputation
-student community

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Let me first acknowledge that Sussex was recently elevated to the #1 position for Development Studies in the World, so congrats to Sussex. I must also note that SOAS (where I will be attending in the Fall, God willing, but for Law not Development Studies) has risen 4 spots to number 7. So the merits of Sussex, are obviously strong, so I'm not here to down Sussex. Rather, I would like to offer somethings I explored and learned about SOAS which caused me to want to go there, and I which I hope will be relevant here for this discussion.

Latest rankings:

Africa, South East Asia (locales such as Myanmar as well as others), Asia, and The Middle East, are some hotpots, where developmental studies which
can and will impact the economy, energy sustainability, security (against
terrorism, instability), health care, and governmental systems (with a
particular nod to Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iraq, all of which have been ravaged
by various conflicts, as well as The Middle East and North Africa region in
general, emerging from The Arab Spring, with the various challenges to
their stability still present, The Gulf Region as it tries to move to other areas
of developmental infrastructure which does not rely solely upon oil, as well
as Africa, the continent in general (whether North Africa, Sudan, Nigeria,
Cameroon, etc.). SOAS' specialization in these areas, where you go to
learn Yoruba, where you can learn different uncommon languages and
dialects and be surrounded not by two or three or 12 people from those
areas, but by people who have spent a lifetime living in those places,or
studying and researching those areas, to have all that, combined, under
one roof, with all the various research centres, language programs, diverse
and unique modules, as well as approximately 800 phd students in various
disciplines focused dead on in those areas of the world, the various
conflicts, to have discussion and panels on problem solving and study, I think
those merits are very unique in their intensity, not saying the other programs
do not have specialists, language courses and offerings, they do. Moreover,
the other places, I am sure, have noted scholars and researchers, but the major and central focus of Sussex, is not on
the same focus level as SOAS. The aforementioned programs have a
general world-wide focus, with specific programs of focus, such as the
development studies field. SOAS has the specific region focus on the key
areas in question as an entire establishment, while also, of course, having
a general world-wide view-just that SOAS overall is specialized throughout
the entire university wide system, so its not just about learning languages,
but the opportunity to study culture, politics, government, history, all
combined into one.

So, for me, personally, in wanting to come back into the breach (full-time
student after some years away working), and wanting to focus on MENA
and focus on the sustainability and stability in Africa, in Asia, in South-East
Asia, those factors and the language entitlement program, and the
level of research and the research centres and the staff that has been
gathered, it sold me.

(Original post by Luigia)
Hey guys, I've been accepted from SOAS and Sussex Uni to study a MSc in Development Studies. Now, dilemma: what should I choose in terms of:
-int'l reputation
-student community


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