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just wondering whether anyone had any tips or step by step guide on how to answer the "design an experiment" 12 marker within research methods as this has come up multiple times of the specimen papers
thank you very much
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For a 12 marker you will probably be asked to outline the design, any materials used and a data analysis

The design part is 6 marks and you need to:
- Describe an experimental design, I would use independent groups as it is practical and easy to justify (no order effects)
- Variables, IV and DV and any EV's (like time in each condition) and how you would control this (make sure each condition has 30 mins)
- Sample, what type of sample you would use, again I would use Volunteer as it is easy to justify (participants are willing to take part). Also say that you would randomly allocate participants to each condition (e.g. 15 participants to condition A and 15 to Condition B)

Materials is 2 marks:
- Name anything you will need, for example an article on African Tribes
- Then how you will measure it, e.g. a questionnaire and give an example question.

Data Analysis is 4 marks:
- Data analysis is usually split into descriptive and inferential
- Descriptive is the mean, median, mode, SD and range. So you will say which 2 you will use depending on whether you use nominal, ordinal or interval data.
- Inferential is the type of stats test you will use. So you would say if you were using ordinal for example, you would use a Mann-Whitney as it is a test of difference, with an unrelated design and using ordinal data.

Make sure you include all bullet points as the mark scheme is banded. Hope this helps!!

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