Will Oxford get its 29th prime minister? Watch

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The University of Oxford has by far the highest number of prime ministers in the UK and heads of state and government all over the world.

It has produced a total of 28 British prime ministers, including 5 in the past 50 years (out of a total of 9 PMs):

The Rt Hon Theresa May
The Rt Hon David Cameron
The Rt Hon Tony Blair
The Rt Hon The Baroness Margaret Thatcher
The Rt Hon The Baron Harold Wilson

Dr Gordon Brown attended Edinburgh University and Sir John Major didn't go to university. The other two were in the military.

It also currently has the Prime Minister of Australia, the Prime Minister of Hungary, the President of Perú, the State Councillor of Myanmar, the King of Norway, the King of Jordan, the King of Bhutan. The Oxonian King of Malaysia has just stepped down earlier this year and the Oxford-educated Crown Prince of Japan is expected to ascend to the imperial throne soon.

With a Conservative minority government looking likely, the Tories will probably oust Madam Prime Minister sooner or later as she ran a 20-point lead to losing the majority.

The Home Secretary didn't go to Oxford and she is at risk of losing her own seat and is quite unpopular in general. The only two holders of great offices both attended Oxford - Secretary Boris Johnson matriculated at Balliol, whilst Chancellor Philip Hammond is a member of University College.

There are some other members in the current cabinet who studied at Oxford, including the Health Secretary.

Last general election we had Oxonian Cameron going against Oxonian Ed Miliband. Is this election going to be another win for Oxford University?

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