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Human-computer Interaction
1 : The process of identifying, evaluating and controlling what might go wrong in a project before it threatens the successful completion of the project is called _
A. Adminstrative projection
B. Software development
C. Risk management
D. Data restructuring

2 : Reducing the scope when the _budget and schedule are frozen is a likely consideration for developers at each checkpoint
A. Singular
B. Sample
C. Project
D. Macro

3 : An essential part of the human computer interaction is the development of __.
A. Sets
B. Routes
C. Agents
D. Models

4 : In the classic problem solving approach, the requirements of a solution are __
A. Plugged
B. Defined
C. Mapped
D. Intercepted

5 : Typically, a new system becomes part of the daily activities of the organisation during _.
A. Feasibility
B. Implementation
C. Installation

6 : In the classic problem solving approach, the requirements of a solution are __
A. Defined
B. Mapped
C. Intercepted
D. Plugged

7 : Two key components of the __ interface method are the input and output.
A. Cyclical
B. Private
C. Physical
D. User

8 : Ordinarily, during _, programmers and analysts check the individual programs and the entire system.
A. Installation
B. Testing
C. Implementation
D. Coding

9 : At the project initiation and planning phase, _ commence planning for testing and installation
A. Planners
B. Designers
C. Mentors
D. Analysts

10 : Diagrams that map the _, flow, processing or data in a system into a structured system design must be converted.
A. Origin
B. Cost
C. Value
D. Statistics

11 : Documentation and __ programs are finalised during implementation.
A. Installation
B. Design
D. Testing

12 : The __ design focuses on the business aspects of the system.
A. Formal
B. Policy
C. Logical
D. Technical

13 : When a system is implemented, it enters the operations and support stage of A. Process Recycling Stage
B. Multi–point Configuration
C. Risk Management Phase
D. System Development Life Cycle

14 : Normally, Checks should be established at every phase to ensure that the output of every phase meets the technological and __
A. Feasibility analysis
B. Track implementation
C. Linear coordination
D. Business expectation

15 : Within the context of paradigm shifts, __ precedes the graphical display paradigm.
A. Microprocessor
B. Time sharing
C. Networking
D. Batch processing

16 : The __ prescribes technology that will be used to develop and maintain information systems and to ensure consistency, completeness, and quality?
A. Automated tool standards
B. Contextual environmental standards
C. Exclusive network standards
D. Intrusive network standards

17 : Human-computer interaction focuses on the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive __ systems
A. Class
B. Process
C. Set
D. Computing

18 : Both old and new systems are run __ at the parallel conversion phase. Inversely Analogously Directly Proportionally

19 : In the __ approach, the system divided into subsystems?
A. Divide and Conquer
B. Open and Call
C. Rule and Subside
D. Rise and Fall

20 : Multiple feasibility checkpoints should be built into system development __
A. Technology
B. Policy
C. Framework
D. Methodology
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(Original post by maxonline)
What have you attempted so far? We cannot do your homework for you.

This sounds like a HCI module, the answers are most likely to be in the lecture notes.

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