Sociology education paper a level aqa help functionalism / marxism

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I just did my paper one for sociology, it was on education with methods - for the 30 marker the question was regarding the role of education in transmitting ideas and values - of which i argued regarding functionalism v marxism, then functionalism in terms of role allocation arguing against it saying the 'role allocation' actually benefits men, i.e women into caring roles benefits men in te home as they act as a pressure valve for men in terms of marxist feminism.

Then how education's ideas are now more diverse and arent as structured and reflect that we are in a post fordist system and the inclusion of faith schools are a key example of how education is becoming more diverse. But in the end, schools values and ideas benefit the middle classes more as the middle classes have the cultural capital and benefit the most- thus their is a myth of meritocracy that despite schools becoming more diverse, the class structure is still upheld.

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