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pls help me on this question its worth 6 marks pls it is;
Exam Question- Describe three ways in which ecosystems are altered by obtaining energy supplies (6 Marks)

geography btw guys thx
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Its a bit of an oddly worded question aha
But, is it something like:
Decreased energy supplies (for example sudden loss of an organism in a food chain) would affect whole food chains and henceforth decrease biodiversity in the ecosystem?
If theres decreased energy being transferred to organisms in higher up trophic levels (for example if in a rainforest theres too much of a canopy cover, plants lower down may not be supplied with enough solar energy to photosynthesis rates compared to normal would be reduced). This would lead to herbivores lacking in energy as less energy is consumed, and then organisms whose prey are these carnivores would also have decreased energy supply too, hence affecting multiple trophic levels within food chains. Also, more of the plants may die so decomposers can decompose more plant matter= increased release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere due to respiration of microorganisms and decomposers. Also, more plant matter is returned to rainforest floor for other plants to absorb for nutrients.

To be honest I really don't have a clue, but hopefully that almost makes sense and gives you a little bit of an idea

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