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    Ok so basically I've been doing my gcses atm and I'm really worried cuz in my Russia history exam I was running out of time and i was writing my my plan really quickly and I used a bunch of abbreviations instead of actually writing the word out because I wanted to save time and in my plan I wrote "commie" because I wanted to abbreviate the word communist and save time in my real essay I wrote the whole word out because I thought it was colloquial language but I'm just now finding out that it's a derogatory term and I'm really worried that the examiners are going to mark me down because I used the word in my plan and I really don't know what to do because of it what do u guys think will happen?

    Hi. If I'm honest, I don't think anything will happen. I'm pretty sure they only glance at the plans anyway (only really look at them if you actually haven't written an answer) because they mark based on the answer, not the plan. So there's a good chance they won't even notice but if they do, I'm not sure they would be able to do anything like mark you down; they can't do that because they have to mark based on the mark scheme. But, I suppose if they notice and are offended/whatever by it then they might look less favourably on your work/not give you a mark if it's on the borderline. In reality, though, they won't do anything. They probably won't notice and if they do, I doubt they'll do anything. It is a bit offensive (so avoid, definitely in your main answer) but your plan isn't what they mark anyway, really.

    It's alright, I called Jews "subhumans" in my history exam, this was in my mocks, and my teachers said nothing.
    I also did it again in my GCSE exam last week, accidentally though.
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    Ok thanks I feel a bit better now I'm just happy I didn't say it in the main essay


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