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    I'm currently attending high school in Algeria, and here in my country our educational system is similar to France's educational system, we attend to primary school 5 years, then middle school for 4 years, then high school for 3 years and then take the "Baccalauréat", which is a test consisted of many subjects such as math, physics, arabic, english, french, biology, philosophy...
    and the test is graded on a scale of 0-20, now after checking the requirements for admission on many universities on many countries, I found them either requiring a specific grade on the ACT or SAT or GRE, or a specific GPA, and offering programs for undergraduate and graduate students, and for the undergraduate students you can get many degrees such as bachelor degree, but isn't it the same thing as a baccalaureate diploma? now if someone could explain the educational system used by other countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, Australia ... that would be really appreciated, and if a bachelor degree and a baccalaureate diploma are the same thing, and how can I check if I meet the requirements for a certain university, Thanks.

    hello! i can speak for the canadian system (more specifically ontario, as education is a provincial responsibility here) and the IB system.

    a baccalaureate diploma (whether it's the french or algerian baccalaureate or the IB diploma) and an undergraduate bachelor's degree are not the same thing. i've just graduated from the IB, and i am heading into an undergraduate bachelor degree. you could, however, at a canadian university, receive advanced standing (so you'd start uni with some credits under your belt) if your grades are good enough as some of the courses you might take as part of your baccalaureate could have undergrad equivalents.

    i have received a high school diploma from the ontario education system after 6 years of secondary school, which i entered after elementary (or primary) school. just to maybe give you an idea, people graduating from secondary school in ontario are usually 17-18 years old. some split up secondary school into middle school and high school. a canadian university will ask you for a secondary school diploma or an equivalent. because i completed the international baccalaureate program too, i also graduate with an IB diploma (which i would imagine is similar to what you would have received in Algeria). so my guess is that at the end of high school and your baccalauréat test, you would have received a secondary school equivalent diploma with the possibility of advanced standing (in Canada). therefore, you would be entering at the undergraduate level.

    when choosing your program, you'll want to look at the course prerequisites. these are classes, at the secondary school level, that you must have taken if you want to enter the program. for example, if you want to go into engineering, you will have to have taken pre-university math classes. canadian universities will also most likely ask for a pre-university french or english credit (depending on the language of study), which you most likely will have completed as part of your high school/baccalauréat. as for the grades you need, that really depends on where you are applying - each university will have different demands. if you want more help with this bit, just let me know where you think you want to study and what programs you're interested in, then i could probably give you more specific information.

    if you have any specific universities in mind, it might also help you to look at their websites or to email them directly for questions. policies on advanced standing, international students and program requirements differ depending on the university and the country.

    hope this helps some! let me know if you need clarifications on anything i've mentioned


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