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My friendzone pain watch

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    Hi, i have been in the friendzone for a year now and i got some **** i'd like to get off my chest... so here's the story:

    Last year (in january) i met a girl (from now on I will call her P) in college who was really nice and interesting... so we started talking daily. The problem is that she started to tell me that she loved me and how smart and romantic i was. At the begging i thought that we just were messing around and those conversations we had were just for fun. But, as the time passed, i began to have feelings for her and i thought she had feelings for me too so i asked her to go have a drink but she rejected. The fact that P always told me she wasn't superficial made me think i had i shot. We would see each other everyday in class for like 5 hours and I really thought we had chemistry, our conversations were so interesting and fun that I would think about them all day long. I fell in love. But then one day something happened when i got out of class. I spotted P with another guy at the cafeteria. He used to tell me everything about her life but didn't mention that guy, not even once. So that same night i talked to her and i told her that i loved her. P told me that she had always seen me as her bestfriend or like her brother and she fell some kind of attraction to that guy but she didn't want him as a boyfriend but like a f*ckbuddy. Then she told me that she can't go out with any guys because she had strict parents and that was the reason she couldn't go out with me to have a drink.

    Anyways, we continued talking and the conversations were getting more interesting every single day. P said to me several times that she loved me making me believe that she was willing to be my girlfriend but i thought maybe the timing wasn't right (because of her parents). Maybe for that reason she didn't tell me she wanted me as her boyfriend. At the begging of July she went out to a party with her female friends and she called that guy i was talking about earlier and they f*cked in his car. They did that twice in two weeks before she told me. When P told me (1 week later) i got mad because she didn't tell me on the same day so we threw shades to each other and stopped talking. We didn't talk all the rest of the summer but then we started college again so we made peace and started talking again. P told me that guy was a jerk and they only had sex twice.

    So fast forward to this summer, last month P told me she wanted a boyfriend, she needed love, she was willing to sneak out from her parents and go out with someone. And then my heart broke into pieces. She told me about a guy she liked and wished he talked to him. Every single hope that i had to be with her turned into dust. I mean if this girl wasn't superficial i would be the perfect boyfriend for her (and she knows). But, as you can see, it's not the case (even tho she told me she wasn't superficial). P is 3 years older than me and I'm average in looks so maybe that is the reason. So now i have to pretend that i don't care she talks to me about others boys but I'm dying inside when she does that.

    So what do you guys advise me to do? I should mention that when I'm not talking to her, I'm thinking about her and what she might be doing...

    PS: I tried to make a long story short but failed lol (sorry) oh and sorry for my english too!

    Basically she views you as that gay best friend who she's going to subject to stories about the guys she's interested in, who's she's sleeping with and all of her other relationship woes, just forget about her and start talking to other women, you may think she's the one but I assure you that's most likely not the case.

    Stop hanging around to be the rebound guy, and find someone who actually views you as a potential partner.

    she clearly made it obvious that she wasn't attracted to you. Get over it you sissy

    Jesus christ dude, I just can't understand why guys like you are so naive and gullible. Oh my days.

    Maybe if you used the right pronouns things would be different
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