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    What are your thoughts as to which course would be the most practical, which university might be the friendliest, and which campus is the prettiest?

    1. Computer Science at University of Essex
    2. Digital Media at University of Glasgow
    3. Digital Media at University of Hertfordshire
    4. Digital Media at Royal Holloway University London


    So... to me you are always better off doing CS at undergrad, then specialising unless your heart is absolutely set on a particular area. The problem with doing something like Web Design, Cyber Security of Data Science at undergrad is you are really limiting yourself to that field. CS is never going to go out of fashion and will always be a good foundation to have. Then again, if you really are passionate about a subset of CS (like Web Design) and you know you want to do it no matter what, doing a specialist undergrad degree might be the very thing for you.

    I don't know much about the uni's you mentioned (went to Uni of Glasgow for a conference once and it was lovely), but if you want courses that are practical in nature and focus on employability, I will add 2 more uni's to your list:

    Ulster University, Belfast (I went there)
    Napier University, Edinburgh (my cousin and friend went there)

    Both friendly universities, very practical and very much focused on employability.
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    Hey elsiebells2001,

    Just a quick reply regarding your questions about the University of Hertfordshire.

    Both De Havilland and College Lane Campuses, have a very modern look (especially De Havilland), and feature quite a few nice facilities such as eateries, gyms, sports centers, pubs, clubs etc. I also personally really like how College Lane looks at night. They have a few sculptures placed around, as well as lit walkways, which I find pretty.

    Regarding how friendly the University is. I have to admit, every faculty member I have encountered during my MA, has been friendly and very helpful. Most staff really seem to have a passion for what they want to teach. As for other students, again, I can't say I've met any really rude ones (although I'm sure they do exist as with everywhere.)

    Finally here's a link to further information about Digital Media Arts:


    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask us on here. Or use the contact us button on the website link!

    All the best in picking your university!

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