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Does this mean anything? Watch

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    (Original post by zill1)
    There are pure accidents but this is not it. She knows me and the touch was kind of prolonged.
    You're too addicted.
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    Wishful thinking. Anyone who's treating you will probably end up asking you a lot about yourself. She's got a boyfriend and she's simply doing her job, so leave it at that and don't make her feel uncomfortable.

    This happens to me too, and its also happened at the dentist more times than I can count. I am a 16 year old male, they are 20-35 and one has a kid. I don't think they are hitting on me. Sorry dude but you are overthinking it. They do have to get kind of close when examining you and stuff like this happens accidentaly, it could last for a few seconds or like a minute (with my dentist, I dont think she noticed) but it does not mean anything.

    Also she has a boyfriend like you have said, that decreases the chances further. Sorry mate, but I would try someone else.
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Updated: June 22, 2017
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