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Hi All.

I have a question for the masses.
I am looking to study graduate entry medicine, in 2019.
I currently have a FdSc which I am topping up to a BSc Hons.
I also have an Access to HE Diploma, which included GCSE Equivalencies in English & Maths,
My Grades form when I was at school were
French B
Design Tech C
Maths C
Sciences DD
English DDb

As you can see, I have no A Levels.

I have looked and AFAI can see, it is only
who don't mind that I have no A levels.

Does anyone know of any others?

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The universities you listed, as indicated, don't (as far as I can tell) consider pre-university qualifications in their decision, So your Access course and GCSE grades shouldn't make a difference. However as a result, they either have extensive work experience requirements (~6 months full time in a caring role and experience in the NHS) or taking GAMSAT, or both.

GAMSAT as I understand requires Chemistry beyond A-level standard, so you will need to be extremely comfortable with the A-level Chemistry material as well as the additional topics. The Biology material I believe is broadly at the A-level standard but some of the topics go into a little more detail. I think the Physics is really A/AS level. Doing well in this would then be a prerequisite for getting an offer and so it's likely you'd need to reach a standard comparable to having done A-level Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to ~A grade.

Work experience is variable and is really up to you to find and assess it's suitability. Warwick gives some guidance on what constitutes relevant experience, and I think Newcastle is very specific about what they want as well. In terms of academics, you haven't indicated what area/subject your degree or access course was in. Provided you achieve the necessary grade boundary then you should at least be considered, however depending on the subject matter covered you may be better placed for doing well in the GAMSAT, and you may fulfill the requirements for some other GEM courses by taking the A-level equivalent material through those courses. Barts and the London for example has a tool which can help you determine if you've satisfied their biology and/or chemistry requirements; it's not a guarantee but can give you an indication of where you stand.

If money is not a barrier (which I appreciate it may well be as a graduate student) then you may want to consider doing Chemistry and Biology A-levels as distance learning or similar, while working in a caring role part time or similar. This will help you prepare for the GAMSAT (you'll also need to brush up on the physics content) and will open many other GEM programmes as possibilities to apply to, either initially or if you don't get an offer. It's also worth noting GEM courses are MUCH more competitive to get onto than the usual undergrad courses; don't be discouraged if you don't get an offer when first applying. Just take it as an opportunity to get more healthcare experience

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