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Question about GCSE . watch

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    How many hours do I need to study for my GCSE ?(I want to get A* for every subject )

    I don't think there's a set amount of revision.

    Someone could revise 8 hours straight every day and get a B whereas you could revise less than half of that and still get an A*. It depends on the quality of your revision, you have to make the most out of your time.

    Also, the amount of revision you need to do differs from person to person. You might be especially good at a certain subject or have picked up on a lot for that subject during lessons, so you don't need to revise that particular subject as much etc.

    Personally I usually did about three hours of revision per day from the start of year 11 (with loaddsss of breaks) and I increased that to around four/five hours during the Easter Holiday. Personally, I think I will regret not having done more revision on results day, but that's just me.

    Depends widely how hard the subjects is, how much you enjoy it and generally on many other factors such as how good your teachers are and how good your notes are. There might be subjects you get an A* in with hardly any work at all, I loved maths so did not even have to revise it as classwork was sufficient and got an A*, on the other hand, I got a B in English literature because I hated it, had a bad teacher, didn't put in enough work as I focused on English language instead, etc.

    I do not know how 'smart' you are, but if you are aiming at top grades I would recommend:
    1 or 2 hours per subject you are good at; focus on reading your notes and memorising the boring stuff as it will save you a hell of a lot of time later when instead of memorising you can focus on exam questions
    3-4 hours per subject you find difficult or are not 'happy' with; with those focus heavily on asking teachers for extra work, preparing for lessons, reading widely around the different areas (for example in history, I did Nazi Germany for one of my papers so I loved watching documentaries about the period for extra facts for the essays).

    This would be a general schedule that is the MINIMUM, if you have an upcoming mock re-read ALL the relevant notes, learn the stuff from scratch again, etc. It is very important to realise that for many subjects you will be tested on if you know how to answer questions instead of the knowledge, hence once you learn a lot of the content for some topic do some practise questions. For example, in chemistry you might have a full understand of the answer to the question, but unless you use the explanation that the exam board wants, you risk losing the marks.

    Meh, my main point would be to start small and keep the good habits, many people will start working late in the year and end up having to cram all the things and don't do as well (I'm guilty), so those few hours per subjects per week should be enough as long as you stick to them and make sure you stay productive.

    (Original post by Spartan Thorne)
    How many hours do I need to study for my GCSE ?(I want to get A* for every subject )
    It's different for everyone. Some people may be able to retain a lot of information in a short amount of time yet others may need more time.
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