Feminine Gospels and The Handmaid's Tale

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Help on comparing The Handmaid's Tale (Atwood) to Feminine Gospels poetry (Duffy)?? A-level exam this week!!
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Well I presume you have been learning this for 2 years now! There's lots you could talk about... I have only studied The Handmaid's tail (Atwood) at A-level this year and never come across that particular poem by Duffy however immediately after reading the poem there are some obvious connections you could make:
~ A Gospel is an account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. This can link to the religious connotations within Gilead, as they dictate what Life is permitted both through the birth of healthy babies and killing disabled ones. They also control life in terms of when it is denied to people through the public executions of political opponents and anyone who opposes the Government. Similarly Jesus was seen as challenging and opposing the widely accepted religion of the time - Judaism. Then he was crucified. Duffy was raised Roman Catholic and Gilead shows a reversion back to conservative religious values of childbearing and women's roles. Duality of Females = purity/ innocent Virgin Mary VS the ***** with loose morals
~ Both Moira and Duffy are lesbians so you could talk about how they both struggle with the religious bias and negativity towards this but also how they challenge oppression and religious indoctrination through rejecting conventional heterosexual relationships
~ Ideas of dystopia within Atwood and how this is created VS the fantasy myth, stereotypes, and history present in
~ Womanhood and how this is shaped uniquely within the two texts.
~ Both texts are written through the construction of female narrative/poetic voice. Explore the effect of this
~ Historical figures or events used to create modern or mystical characters to illustrate aspects of women's struggle for identity in the past and now.
~The women's experience of life and love and motherhood
~ Self determination and liberation (feminist movements). Offred escapes? or not. And how she escapes mentally
~ The theme of power and control

Hope this helps and Good luck

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