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Hi guys,

A couple of questions about chemistry year 1 at Imperial (unconditional offer and would like to prepare a bit):

1) What's the schedule and how are different 'topics' arranged time wise and like lesson wise? So how many hours for organic/inorganic/physical, how many lecturers are there for each, are there lectures for other things like maths in science etc? What are the lecturers like?

How many tutorials do you get each week and are they specific to the lecture course?

2) Labs - How are labs arranged? Are you in parters or on your own? How are you graded - on your performance in labs or on your write ups? What do the pre-labs involve? Who grades you - DPhil students? Are the labs connected at all to the lecture courses or completely separate? How long do they usually take?

3) Are there any good societies to join for revision groups etc (like sometimes ISoc is really good for some subjects I hear?)? Do you get a mentor and are they any good? What is the ChemSoc like?

4) What are the exams based on? Lecture notes + textbooks + anything else? How did you prepare? Are they known to be similar each year?

5) Is there any coursework? What kind of thing is it?

6) How much is moodle used? Is there lecture cast/echo 360 for every lecture?

7) How much is MatLab used?

8) What is the main bulk of the first year syllabus? i.e. which chapters of the atkins books/oxford primers etc etc?

Thank you so much to anyone who replies!!

P.S. People who are about to comment with the whole 'it's too early to prepare, just enjoy your summer.. etc etc', just don't please.

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