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(Original post by zoemlambert)
could you say estaban presentados?
Nope, because you need the passive voice. This is a confusing bit of Spanish but it's actually really easy once you think about it.

Estar is only used when an adjective-style word is after it. "La comida esta preparada" is correct, because here the past participle "preparada" is actually acting like an adjective. This is common - esta cansada, estoy dispuesta etc. etc. This isn't the passive. There isn't the sense of any passiveness.

The passive - when something is actively being done by something else, and you either need to rearrange the verb using "se" or you can use ser + past participle. This is quite wooden and usually avoided, but is fine for simple things like "la obra fue escrita por.." (the play was written (by someone )), or "la casa fue comprada por"

So, in the translation it was something like "the themes that were presented". Here, "presented" isnt acting like an adjective, because there is the underlying sense that someone (a group of actors) is presenting the themes. So, you need passive.

You could put "fueron presentados", but here that is quite clumsy and wouldn't be said in Spain. It's more natural to say "se presentaron" which = "were presented". In a literal sense, it's almost like saying "they presented themselves", which is the same concept really! Hope this makes sense

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