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Screw the private firms that pocket tax payers money and over price their tickets, how dare they run their services on infrastructure paid for and built by the taxpayer only for the taxpayer to futher subsidise the the operators.

I'm a socialist now, you know what makes me sick? Rich people can dodge tax and get all sorts of perks and never have to struggle financially while people decently well off like me, (definitely worse for people not as well off) are made to pay fines and expensive train fares, yet file a claim to HMRC for a tax debate you deserve and they take forever, miss a stop on your train and they fine you £20 hoping to prosecute you for more!

Also **** G4S, private outsourcing is pathetic, G4S is a load of rubbish.
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I have been using the rail network consistently for over 10 years now, I have never been fined.

There is a very good reason that rail fares are so high. Unfortunately much of the network as not been upgraded or improved because it is in near constant use. When the commuter trains stop in the evening the freight trains run all night so it is very difficult to do anything other than patch repairs on faulty lines. if they were to close entire lines, which they sometimes do to make full upgrades it can leave lines closed for weeks leaving commuters to take bus replacement services which travel hell. It costs far more to keep fixing out of date technology than it does in the long run to upgrade.

Part of the reason behind HS2 is to lighten the load on the busiest commuter lines in order to be able to do the vital upgrades needed.

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