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vein in breast?

Do any other girls have one visible vein in each breast. I do an it is annoying af, any ideas on how to get rid of it? I know you can have them removed but are there any other quick fixes? Can you cover it with fake tan?

Also are there any other girls who have this problem?
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Veins getting close to the surface is quite common in overweight people, try shifting some timber, see if that clears it up.
Do you have big-ish boobs? Because I have them too and am extremely pale with D/DD cup... Idk if theres a fix lul
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Hello, i too am very bale with bigish boobs and can confirm that it isnt weight that causes it at all. Im not experts but fake tan doesnt seems tk work in covering them as such but fauntation and colour-correction creams may. Without coming across as weird but ive found that actually massaging em helps to reduce the appearance (and i also read its good for the circulation). You cant get rid of them really im afriad
may put your fella off motorboating but apart from that i think you should be ok

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