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Hi guys. After attending the open day a few days ago at the Coventry Campus, here is the list of Add+Vantage Modules for September 2017 Freshers. Note that I have not included the full module titles due to character limits, but have done my best to abbreviate, and have broken them down into the different areas.. Also note that you need to check if you are eligible for an Add+Vantage Module on your course, as some medicine/law courses do not include these:
- Arabic, French, French for Business, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Intermediate English: Academic Writing for Business, Intermediate English: Academic Essay Writing.
- Co-Operative Enterprise in the Global Economy, Global Humanitarian Design Challenge, Are Businesses Acting Responsibly?
- Global Experience options in: Criminology, Engineering, Psychology, and Computing, Electronics and Mathematics.
- Entrepreneurship, Smart Phone Apps, Social Networking for Business, Creative Thinking for Business, Social Enterprising.
- Customer Service in the Sport & Event Industry, Community Volunteering, Preparing for Disaster, and Volunteering in Primary Schools.
- Teacher training, and Sports Performance Career Preparation.
- Psychology in the Workplace, Project Management, Design and Development, Biomimicry, ReFreshed Fashion, Marketing your own Art event or project, working at the Student Design Agency.
- Visual Presentation techniques, Computer Design, Fundraising skills, Photoshop, Intercultural Communication Skills for International Students, Working in Teams, Photography as a Professional tool, Adobe Illustrator, Teeline, Adobe Premiere, Adobe InDesign, Introduction to Counselling, Presentation Skills, Professional Report Writing with Advertising Analytics, Book-Keeping, and Creative Writing.
- Pilot's License Studies, Computer Systems and Networking, Application Development with Microsoft .NET Framework, ICT, Leadership Introduction.
- Law in Action, and Academic Writing Skills for: Sciences, Health and Social Studies, Arts and Humanities, and Critical Thinking Skills.
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Don't know if these are still relevant for 2018 freshers,but thank you!

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