does anyone remember edexcel a2 psychology questions for an unofficial markscheme

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If you do please can you state what they were and what paper they were in and i will use this to create an unofficial mark scheme and predict grade boundaries. Thank you
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Here's a few answers for paper 1-foundations in psychology on the short questions

Social psychology
q1)opportunity sampling
q2)don't remember the exact question but you had to fully operationalise the independant and dependant variable stating the age of participants etc.
q3)There are many improvements that could be used, such as to carry out the study under controlled conditions with the use of the lab experiment-but this had to be applied to the scenario.
q4) too long to write but four relevant points from realistic conflict theory such as conflict being caused by a conflict of interest or by conmpetition for dominance, resources, or land etc. All these points had to be applied to the scenario of the school hockey teams shouting insults. There would be no marks for generic points which aren't applied.

standard deviation equalled 4.228.... which was equal to 4.23 to 2.d.p.

describe the multi store model of memory?
description of each store is required, such as sensory register recieves info from the environment and is stored in the same format as it is recieve(1 mark), STM has a capacity of 7+/-2 items (miller),(2nd mark) LTM has unlimited capacity and duration.(3rd mark) then an additional point such as rehearsal is a technique used to transfer info from one store to another in respective order of sensory register, STM, LTM(4th mark)

q1) 1 mark for correct title, one mark for correct labelling of the graph, and one mark for plotting the correct points.
q2)negative correlaton
q3) why spearmans rho is suitable? shows a relationship between to variables so would allow for the coincidence between exam scores and attendance to be shown (1 mark) Shows the significance of the impact of attendance effecting exam scores which allows for further analysis (2nd mark)
q4) explain one difference between Freud's psychodynamic theory and the biological explanation of aggression (2marks)? The psychodynamic explanation focuses on nurture aspects in human development such as the superego's interaction with others (1 mark) whereas the biological explanation focuses on nature aspects such as the role of hormones such as testosterone effecting agression (2nd mark)

learning theories
practical issues with using animals for research
issues such as generalisability could be used, issues of giving the animal adequate social conditions, ethical issues of research benefits having to outweigh the costs to the animal etc.

please note:question numbers may not be entirely correct and have forgot a few questions

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