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Okay so I don't know if this helps guys but the AS 2016 specimen 3rd set was sat by my friends yesterday as a mock and they have given me a few details on it.
> First 2 questions were multiple choice. 1 was about the father of psychology (Wundt) and the second was a characteristic of Social Learning theory.
> The third question was an application 4 marker on introspection.
> There is a 6 mark application question on the reflex arc. (there is no diagram but explain in terms of motor, reflex and sensory neurons)
> There is a 6 mark applicaion question on 3 abnormalities that a girl with depression is experiencing.
> The 12 marker was 'Outline and evaluate the behaviorist approach'
> Outline and evaluate the cognitive behavioral therapy as a treatment for depression. (8)
> A question on repeated measures group design.
> Outline one behavioural and one cognitive characteistic of OCD. (4 marks)
> Outline and evaluate OCD treatments. (4mark)
> Why is treating depression important to the economy (2)
> Overt observation of a class - 1 issue and how it can be resolved. (4marks)
> Sign test - you are asked to calculate it (value of S) then you compare that calculated value with the critical value.

That is all I have, I am sitting this paper tomorrow so I will add anything else in but if anyone has a link to the paper or a mark scheme that would be great Image

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