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I'm really bad at English and my teacher and school are useless. I have no idea how to revise English and I need help. I'm doing AQA English Language and Edexcel English Lit and my books are Animal Farm, A Christmas Carol and Macbeth. I want to get an 8 in both, but I'm struggling so much right now so if anyone has any tips or anything thanks.
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My top tips for English revision:

1) Revision guides are your best friend. Get one for all the texts you study if thats economically possible for you, its like having a really good substitute teacher. From these you can make mind maps, revision guides, revision sheets etc etc
2) Ensure your teachers know you're struggling. They genuinely want you to do as well as possible, so tell them. Hopefully they can give you some extra revision tips or sessions. If your actual teachers are genuinely bad, talk to another teacher in the department. I ended up doing a couple of sessions a week with another teacher closer to exams when I was doing GCSEs
3) GCSEPOD. I used this religiously during GCSEs. Its essentially a ton of GCSE pod casts categorised into subjects and exam boards. I listened to them whilst doing my makeup or getting ready for bed - its good for subconscious revision which you don't really have to think about
4) Reread and reread and reread your texts. Everytime you read them, you'll notice something different and the more familiar you are, the better you'll do. I use sticky notes to colour code my texts in regards to themes and characters which is super helpful if you need to find some quotations quickly. If you're struggling with Shakespearean language - I'd also definitely suggest buying a 'No Fear Shakespeare' edition which has a plain English version side by side with the original language.
5) Past papers. Do any you can get your hands on and either look up mark schemes or get your teachers to mark them for you. If you're doing a new specification and there aren't many, you can make your own questions by changing the themes or names in the already given specimen paper.

I really hope this helps you. It SUCKS having a crap teacher but you just have to take it into your own hands and do as much independent study as possible - this will help prepare you for A-level too. Doing this got me an A* at GCSE and I'm predicted A* for A-Level. If you need any more help hmu. Good luck!

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