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I'm an international design student aspiring to pursue career in design engineering or product development. Cardiff Met is one that that has offered me a place and Bangor is having my qualifications formally assessed after the course leader saw my portfolio and gave me a highly positive feedback. Now here's a highlight of problems that I found whilst choosing between the two:

1. Bangor has a higher professional employment and higher overall student satisfaction than Cardiff Met. They also have a work placement every academic year, which I think is important especially for an international student like me looking for employment overseas. However, the modules offered are mostly leaned towards manufacturing (materials, prototyping, CAD/CAM) than getting hands-on with new technologies and the "thorough" engineering aspects in design. I'm afraid that, despite being most likely getting employed overseas, my knowledge of engineering more complex products isn't as good as in Cardiff Met because,

2. Cardiff Met has lower overall satisfaction and professional employment rate. However, Cardiff Met's BSc Product Design contains a specific engineering science module that includes a diverse range of product design engineering elements we can think of like mechatronics, power transmission systems, mechanical advantage, etc.

So these concerns led me to the questions that:

1. Is it better if I prioritise professionalism and manufacturing knowledge in undergraduate degree, then take a more engineering degree for my postgraduate studies (thinking of the MSc Engineering Design at Loughborough), or

2. Is it better if I prioritise the technological and engineering knowledge in undergraduate degree, then take a more managerial/entrepreneurship degree for my postgraduate studies.

Please bear in mind that it's possible that Bangor actually has the same weight of product design engineering module, but maybe they only summarised it as "mechanisms and electronics" in their modules list..

Looking forward to receiving some advice! Bangor and Cardiff Met Product Design alumni/students are highly welcomed!

Note: Other uni's I've applied to but haven't received a decision..
1. UWE Bristol - BSc Product Design Technology
2. Huddersfield - BSc Product Design
3. Wales Trinity Saint David - BSc Product Design & Technology
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What courses are you studying at Cardiff Met and Bangor?

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