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Aisha Jibrin
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My daughter (17 years) is doing sciences BTEC in a college. She finishes June 2018. She wants to pursue a career in Medicine or Dentistry through the Foundation year in Medicine / Dentistry.
What does Foundation year entails?
What are her chances in fulfilling this aim?
What are the obstacles?
Are there any alternatives to Foundation realistic enough to fulfil her wishes?
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Foundation acts as a way of bringing all those wishing to do medicine up to the same standard as their peers that are entering at level 1. It's mainly for those who didn't do certain qualifications before University but still excelled academically. (For example, if you didn't do a chemistry a-level, foundation is able to bridge that gap of knowledge).

Foundation year is different depending on the agree, but all of them are done in partnership with a local school (usually Xaverian). Some of the classes will be taught at the school and some (more practical side of things) will be done at the University. In that way, it's more like year 14 of school rather than year 1 of University. They will be taught alongside other people in the foundation year and some of the lecturers and academics who will be teaching them throughout their degree. The good thing about the foundation year is that it is an automatic entry into the standard five-year MBChB Medicine course upon satisfactory completion of the foundation year.

The obstacles to foundation is that it doesn't really lower the entry requirements all too much, it just moves the subject criteria. Where as the standard route will require close to an AAA in 2 hard sciences, the foundation route will still require close to an AAA (or equivalent) but it doesn't have to be in 2 hard sciences. Good grades are therefore the greatest obstacle to most doing the foundation route. This page will help regarding entry requirements: http://www.manchester.ac.uk/study/un...undation-year/

In terms of fulfilling her wishes, obviously good grades are important, but so is any relevant experience. Whilst they can't fully offset grade requirements, relevant experience in a medical/dental setting can help to show the entry team that your daughter will be a good fit on the course. I would suggest trying to get some work experience (even if it's just admin work) in a local clinic or ask to volunteer in something similar. If you have any other questions, please let me know!

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