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Okay, here's the situation.

I left XYZ UNIVERSITY in May of this year, but I didn't remember to tell my Local Education Authority. I have just taken a place from ABC UNIVERSITY. I'm filling in my LEA funding form. They say that I should have told them immediately when I left XYZ. Do you think my honest mistake will have any implications? Should I just fill in the form and send it, or should I call the LEA on Tuesday and explain?

How long do you think it will take for funding to arrive on the basis that I send my form on Tuesday and my course starts in the last week of September?

Also, I'm living at home and commuting to ABC Univ. I'm not in desperate need for the loan component of the student support - I will take it, but I've got private funding to pay for books, travel etc. But even if it takes them quite a while to get the loan part through, will they pay for the fees?

Sorry, but this is slightly urgent - as you can probably imagine.
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