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hi, I've just finished mock exams for my first year of 6th form. i received the results of my physics mock today it's fine but not what i was expecting (B when i thought the paper had gone extremely well and i had got a secure A) this has made me nervous for the results of my chemistry mock, both papers were made by my teacher neither paper was out of 75 and went oddly, the first i felt went really extremely well, but i don't trust myself to judge now, and the second went horribly.
i worry i may average a c in these papers, when i need a predicted grade of an A, in past mocks (sample papers and the 2016 paper) i have had B's and i thought i was on my way to an A but i was really thrown of by the papers. I know if i get a B i can beg and they will predict me an A and physics has said they will predict an A and maths has said they will predict an A at least for maths and further maths. But my heart wont stop racing and i can't focus on anything without panicking about chemistry. what can i do to stop thinking about it because i know i can't change the result. i'm afraid i have a history of depression and self harm, i was also under investigation for autism until i decided i didn't want the appointments with a psychiatric nurse anymore as i always felt they mad me feel worse, after which camhs lost contact. i need to stop worrying about it because i can't change it and i'm just punishing myself, but i need help with that.

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