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I've been told I may have narcolepsy. So would pro plus help me at all.
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(Original post by Anonymous)
I've been told I may have narcolepsy. So would pro plus help me at all.
As far as I am aware, pro plus is to keep you energised and feeling awake while narcolepsy is less to do with tiredness and more a malfunction in your body. Since narcolepsy isn't tiredness related I don't think pro plus would help at all. In fact with a lot of conditions it's wise to avoid caffeine as much as possible.
Sorry. Has your doctor given you any advice on how to manage your narcolepsy? It may be worth booking an appointment to discuss it with them as there may be some things you need to avoid (driving for instance) and things you could do to that might reduce it.
You may also want to look into a medical bracelet or other indicator of your condition in case you have an episode in public.

Hope that helps.

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