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Hi,I'm not sure if this site is for students in UK or for any student ,but i really need some advices. I just finished freshman year at the translation and languages faculty. Unfortunately my country universities system is not really fair so you can't just go to the university you want. It chooses the universities you can go to for you.So i found my self studying in the czech department and german as a second language althugh my degrees in high school is not bad. I spent my freshman year depressed because i don't like the czech language and i can't just transfer to another department. The only option i have is transfering to literature faculty where i can study english literature and german. I feel like i'd be good at translating already and i like it ,but i'm not sure if i can become a translator as an english literature graduate. So should i stay at my department where i can become a translator and try to like czech or should i transfer to literature faculty ,and is translation a good, sustainable profession at this time ??

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