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1)“I may make a similar contribution to the WWF to set up a similar project in Angola”- Is this seen as a fixed/discretionary trust

2) Finally, he stipulated, “my small farm, Compare Farm, I am going to
transfer to Meerkovo Primary School so that the children can study animal behaviour and management. To ensure that the farm is not a financial strain on the school, I am going to transfer twelve thousand of my shares in to the school so that they can fund the development of the farm with the share dividend payments- is this seen as a public charitable trust or Fixed/ Discretionary Trust.

3)Alexandr had verbally instructed his solicitors to transfer the farm to the school and was awaiting formal documents to complete the transfer. He completed and posted the share transfer documents, but at the time of his death, the confirmation of the transfer had not been received- does this scenario come under The rule in Strong v Bird (1874), or Donation Mortis Causa (gift on account of death)

4) Vasily is to receive any royalties that I receive from my autobiography titled “A life in Meerkovo”. Although it has not sold any copies in the year since its release, if it does sell some copies, I would want the royalties it may generate after my death to go to him- i think this scenario relates to a discretionary trust

5)To Maiya, I leave my safari camp in Botswana and it is my wish that the camp is transferred to Oleg when he reaches the age of twenty one sell, i think this is a gift or discretionary trust

6) The sum of £5m is to be distributed equally by my executors between my employees at is seen as a fixed/ discretionary trust

7) Yakov, my Chief Toymaker, Is to receive two of my five toyshops. He may
select which he wants and the remaining toyshops are to pass to his three children with the eldest child choosing her toyshop first and the youngest choosing last, is this a discretionary trust

Please advice me on each scenario, besides the scenario, i have wrote what i think each scenario is

Thank you

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