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cost of freshers week

how much does the average student spend at freshers at sheff? if you go out every other night at least, theres drink plus entrance fees. plus joining fees & give it a go, and a million other things. its going to go over a hundred surely! or am i thinking too much?
how longs a piece of string lol? depends how thrifty you are i suppose i know a friend who spent a grand in the first term!
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how longs a piece of string lol? depends how thrifty you are i suppose i know a friend who spent a grand in the first term!

my lord i can't afford that. i've got to save loads of my student loan for 2nd & 3rd year cos my dads wages are going to go down. actually i spose i shouldnt worry about finances in first week & just have fun, then cut down after. if you spent £10 on average every night out that wouldnt be too bad for the week. i think that might be too low though - i'm not used to paying entrance fees dammit (balanced by cheaper drinks i suppose, i'm guessing a glass of wine isnt £3.50 in the union).
sry a grand is at the extreme end of the piece of string - my sister goes out alot and spends around about £200 a term on going out (she earns about a grand in the summer so basically recovers it all more or less) hmmm

im obviously not a uni student but from the few weekends i spent over at my sisters u wudnt be talking about much money at all. from the idea i got ud be talking:

couple of quid on a cheap bottle of wine (and ud drink the whole bottle before going out (if u want a good night out ud drink the whole bottle on your own) (i won the vodka shot drinking game btw)
this was all done in the kitchen of the halls with various drinking games carried out during this period....any leftovers would be decanted into plastic bottles for the bus journey to the union. During this everyone was already pissed (being on a full double decker bus where mostpeople are at least tipsy and mojorit are pretty pissed was quite an experience in itself)

we went to the union bar drinks are a couple of quid and entrance fee to the venue was £5.

so basically it was all pretty cheap
Depends how much you drink really, my theory is this: just divide your average going out cost by 2 or 3 to accommadate lower drink prices. Times this by every night of the freshes week (coz you know you will be out every night!) and wallah you have a total. Add standard stuff like food etc and any day time drinking sessions you may feel the need to indulge in and I reckon you have a ball park figure. I havnt budgeted yet to be honest but I am guessing that I will drink £40 on a normal night so £20 at uni x 7 nights = £140 plus taxi and food cash of £50 plus day times sessions and other mincy stuff £50. So a total of £240 fo the week. Might not be as much as this but better to be safe than sorry.
yeah remember it may not just be drink .... theres alot going on on freshers so u may find urself with other daytime entertainment bills
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you will spend alot more than any of you have said, having done it in sheffield although it is really cheap this just makes u spend more, i spent just under £2000 in my first term, less in my second and about the same in my third, had an amazing time tho, ur only young once and as long as u have a job you can pretty much afford to spend this.
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yer, think im gonna need to get a part time job when im there... r there many places willing to take on student for weekend/evening jobs?
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it is fairly easy, best time is the first few weeks of term otherwise the jobs tend to disappear, experience is always good and if you already work for a company then check out if they have a branch in shef and just get transfered!
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Best idea is just to make sure you have fun during freshers- if you dont you will definitely regret budgeting yourself. you can always sort out your finances afterwards, and start cutting down. you will vary how much tyou got out depending on how much work you have through the year, and part time jobs are always easy to find. But at the end of the day you have an overdraft - use it!! You won't get this experience again!
ive started phoning around to see abt jobs, also got some forms when i was up in sheff. best bet is to phone up; they usually say send a CV so have a CV ready!! i got called up for an interview but i cant make it as im in liverpool and the interview's in sheffield! hmm. but they've sed to pop in when im in sheffield to see if they can work something out!! *fingers crossed*
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It cost me about £200. Its things like the freshers ball which cost the most (£25 for a ticket!). Its a nice way to start the year off but the only person in my corridor who bought a ticket was a total twat (thats being nice). So i ended up going out with him saying how many girls he was going to score with when he scored with 0. I left at 12:15!

- Adam
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Hahaha, I feel foolish now. I just packed in my job of 18 months at Phones4U last weekend, they wanted to keep me in the business, and offered a transfer, but I declined. It was quite a decent paying job, with OK commision. Oh well.