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First graduate job, completely lost Watch

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    Care to expand? Have you found the office? Your desk? Or do you just not know what to do?

    Thats how everyone feels. It feels unrealistic, you dont know what direction your going, you feel you've stolen the job, you fee your underqualified or overqualified. its fine. Just go with the flow. Work through the projects and itll become normal. Remember, this is a full time role after many years of university.
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    Hi, thanks for your replys. I actually wanted to get this post deleted somehow because I thought it was a silly question.

    The issue I have is that I not really able to do anything at work other than writing scripts for reports and so far I didn't get any real training but I have been told what to learn at home and this bugs me down because I want to use my free time for other things. Work on personal projects, improve my social skills because I'm kind of socially anxious and see my friends and family and gym (not to mention having to clean my house etc.). Without having to learn for work at home is tough to find time for everything but now it's just a disaster.

    I don't do anything I want because I gotta learn for work but then I end up procrastinating mainly because this is really p****** me ***. I was hoping to find a job where some technical training would be provided, learn things at home for a new job in sector that I would like to get (ideally android development).

    I can imagine everything being better once you know everything but as for now I don't even feel confident that I could pass my probation period so I might as well start looking for other jobs to have something to fall back on.

    But the positive bit is that now I will know better what sort of questions to ask on the interviews to avoid disappointment .

    Also I have had about 6 other jobs in my life before graduating and I never had to sacrifice my free time for work. Funny how graduate jobs are meant to be better but they don't necessarily have to

    But Yeah, i'll simply try to suck it up, learn how much I can without killing myself and look for other jobs just in case. If after my next meeting with my manager I will be told to learn extra stuff I'll say I need time during working hours for this. Not sure if this is the best strategy. What do you think?
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