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17 year old potentially seeing a 23yo?! watch

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    So, yesterday evening I decided to meet up with a guy that I had started speaking to through a gay dating app (yes, I'm a guy too!) - we've been speaking for about 2-3 weeks through this prior to our meet, so it wasn't a total spur of the moment thing.

    We just met in the city and had a meal and everything, and I was definitely attracted to him! And so, consequently, I went back to his house and we had sex.

    ^ Note: I'm really not interested in a lecture on casual sex - at the end of the day: 1) it was consensual; 2) it was legal and 3) protection was used. You may frown upon it, but all precautions were taken & I didn't feel pressured etc.

    However, I feel like I'm in a dilemma because on one hand I really like him, but I don't know if the age gap is too great to be acceptable. One of my female friends is in a relationship with a 32-year old man, and I struggled to digest that news as did many of my friends. Also, I don't know how my parents will take it.

    What do you think?

    One of my friends dated a 23 year old when she had just turned 17 - it's not the biggest age gap and it's definitely not as drastic as being in a relationship with a 32 year old. Just talk through it with your parents and explain how it's a consensual relationship.

    in my opinion, I find it kinda weird.

    Like I'm a 20 year old guy and could never imagine dating a 17 year old girl just because of maturity/mental age gap. A 23 year old is someone who has potentially graduated, working full-time, got their own place, etc. Whereas a 17 year old has just finished their 1st year of A-levels....

    But hey, it's perfectly legal and you're both consenting adults so do whateva the **** u wanna do. Whatever makes you happy

    Yes perfectly fine. Has he messaged back? Or was it just a shag.

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    I dated a 23 year old when I was 17 and was quite happy... but with hindsight when i was 23 I couldn't even imagine wanting anything to do with a 17 year old as they were SO YOUNG.

    There's always exceptions but there's something a wee bit creepy about it for me.
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