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Pulling the wingwoman watch

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    So I matched with a girl on Tinder two or three months ago when I was really ill, emotionally attached to a mate I was having a bit of a fling with, and decided it was better to concentrate on trying to salvage the remainder of my uni year as best I could.

    Me and this girl share quite a few mutual friends as in my city everyone seems to know everyone, and not to sound cocky but I'm fairly popular on top of this. Since matching on Tinder she's tried to talk to me once when I was mashed at a house night but I played ignorant as I didn't want her seeing me in that state. Another time her and her friend were dancing, saw me and made their way over to me. But I'm really shy with people I've never previously spoken to so didn't do much about it.

    Fast forwards to last night and I was out with friends at a local venue, I hadn't posted anything on social media about where I was going, other than having posted photos of me there last Saturday. When I was sat in the smoking area my mate started hitting me and looking forward as to try not to give too much away, but the girl and her mate were starring me out from a distance but I was battered by this point.

    Later, I was stood at the top of the indoor stairs waiting for two female friends to come out of the toilets, and the girl and her mate came to pass me to get down the stairs and the girl said "now, now, now" quietly and her mate elbowed my phone almost out of my hand to make me look up and notice them, only to walk back up the stairs 30 seconds later, having not done anything productive in that time.

    It's obvious they wanted me to go over and talk, in hindsight I should've grown a pair and spoken to them at some point, but I didn't because even though they're both attractive, I've liked her wingwoman for ages and didn't know hot to go about pulling her without upsetting the other one.

    Messaged the wingwoman at 2:45am this morning (rookie mistake) on insta as she follows me, cheekily asking what the phone incident was all about but she's read it in the early hours and left it on seen.

    What do I do? Both are attractive, but I've done my fair share of not going for the girl I really wanted at the time and I think it's about time I tried to make myself happy for a change.

    Thanks in advance!

    In before tldr
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    I couldn't have gotten my point across in fewer words haha, cry
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